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Grapefruit Lemon and Basil Popsicles

Grapefruit Lemon and Basil Popsicles

Grapefruit and basil popsicles are one of my favorite homemade popsicles that I make. I really love any combination of basil and citrus and maybe that is why I love these popsicles so much. The sweet basil flavor is present in each lick of the popsicle making it taste so amazing!

If you are planning to make these you just need to plan a little ahead since they are popsicles and need to be frozen for a good 24 hours before they are ready. The steps to making these popsicles are super easy. You will need to make a quick simple syrup and then juice your citrus for the popsicles.

Fresh squeezed or store bought juice for the recipe?

If you are not into juicing your own fruit or do not have time to do that, you can substitute unsweetened juice from the store and it tastes just as amazing as the fresh squeezed. The nice thing about the ingredients in this popsicle is fresh grapefruit juice without sugar is readily available to purchase in most grocery stores. For the lemon, you can just use lemon juice in the little yellow bottle.

In making these citrus basil popsicles, I like to use honey.

I actually try to use honey for as many things as I can because it is a natural sugar that is a little healthier for your body and every little bit counts right? You can substitute regular sugar or a sugar substitute for the honey if you are allergic or cannot have it.

Isn’t this an easy and forgiving recipe! There is a lot of room to groove with this recipe but I would try to keep one thing the same which is the basil. Make sure you use fresh basil and not dried basil. You may have