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Cuban Style Ropa Vieja

Cuban Style Ropa Vieja


Growing up in South Florida, I made friends with people from so many different countries. South Florida is a melting pot of so many different cultures and each has its own amazing food that I got to enjoy.  One of the things that I always knew I could count on with my Cuban friends is knowing that at least once a week there would be ropa vieja cooking in their home.  It seems to be a regular dish that the families would eat and they would always have enough to offer guests and they were always so generous (so thankful for this!)  As I got older, I did stop showing up for dinner unannounced (I was just a kid who knew where the good food was..) and began to order out ropa vieja from some of the many Cuban restaurants in the area 🙂  But when I moved out of Florida I realized not many places have this dish so I set out to learn how to make this on my own.  This recipe is as close as I can remember eating and I have been cooking it for many years for family and friends and it brings smiles to everyone who has tried it- success!

I recommend doubling the recipe and making 2 meals worth for leftovers the next day.


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