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Chartreuse and Gin Cocktail

Chartreuse and Gin Cocktail

Today I am sharing another delicious and easy cocktail with you that has become a new favorite in our house. A chartreuse and gin cocktail.

If you have never heard of chartreuse other than the fact that it is also the name of a color, then you are in for a treat! I actually never had it until I was at a restaurant recently.

A cocktail that I ordered had a bit of this liquor in it and I was blown away by the complexity of its flavors.

A little background on Chartreuse liquor-

Chartreuse is made from over 130 different herbs and originates in France dating back in the 1600’s. This liqueur is still made the same way today that it was then and it is full of those same wonderful herb flavors.

It’s color is naturally light green as well which I like. Not artificial. It is a very strong liqueur both in taste and alcohol. The alcohol content is (around 110 proof) so you only need to add a little of this stuff.

What does Chartreuse taste like?

For the taste, it has a very strong botanical flavor, think bold herbs. Too much could end up tasting a bit medicinal. Knowing how much to use and with what ingredients makes all the difference in whether you will enjoy this liquor.

This cocktail is very easy to make and very festive looking because of it’s green color. It is great for the holidays or just to make when it’s you and a friend chatting about the day. I can think of a few holidays where green is popular.

The ingredients are also very simple in this cocktail and you will probably already have many in your house.

The Ingredients for this Chartreuse cocktail are:

  • Chartreuse liquor
  • Gin liquor (your favorite brand)
  • Simple syrup or similar liquid sweetener. I use a grape nectar.
  • a little cayenne pepper (trust me on this, it just works!)
  • fresh ginger
  • lime juice

Once of the great things about this drink is the complexity of flavors. With each sip you get a bit of sweet, tart and heat and enveloped with those beautiful herb notes from the chartreuse.

That is the key to working with chartreuse liquor is to find elements that will compliment but also really stand up to its herbal notes. If this is your first time trying chartreuse liquor than it is a great starting point.

Who will love this chartreuse recipe:

  • If you like lemon drops or margaritas, you will love this because it has that same citrus punch from the limes but with a bit more sophistication.
  • Anyone who loves spicy drinks will love this one. Though the spice is only barely moderate, it is noticeable and delicious.
  • All gin lovers will rejoice with this one. Gin and tonics are great but mixing it up is always welcome and this drink does just that.
  • Anyone who enjoys bold herbal notes.

No matter what your level is in cocktail making, this drink is a great introduction to chartreuse liquor and to making cocktails that go beyond the gin and juice concept.

If you want some more recipes with gin after trying this one, you might want to check out my St Germain gin and tonic. A really fast cocktail to make and it is is so good.

I hope you give this Chartreuse recipe a try! Chartreuse is a really amazing drink and worth the expense to add it to your bar stock.

Chartreuse and Gin Cocktail

An easy and festive cocktail with gin and chartreuse
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Servings: 1 person


  • martini glass, cocktail shaker and strainer


  • 1 1/2 ounce of good gin
  • 3 tbsp simple syrup I used a grape nectar sweetener for this but you can use any flavored simple syrup or just plain
  • 1/2 ounce chartreuse liqueur
  • 3 tbsp lime juice
  • 1 pinch of cayenne optional but I like the slight heat from this in the drink
  • 1/8 tsp fresh grated ginger


  • In a cocktail shaker, add all of you ingredients and a handful of ice
  • Place a lid over top and shake well
  • Pour through a strainer into a martini glass
  • Enjoy!

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