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10 Side Dishes To Serve With Salmon

10 Side Dishes To Serve With Salmon

Spending time making a beautiful salmon dinner is a great way to eat healthy and get your vitamins. When thinking about what to serve with salmon, we carefully selected our best salmon side dishes that we think compliment the salmon beautifully.

There are so many great options to serve with this delicious fish and no matter what you season your salmon with, there is a side here to go with it. We have some of our favorite vegetables to serve with salmon along with some great delicious salads that we love.

Here are our favorite sides to serve with salmon.

miso broccoli

Broccolini goes well with just about any meat and it is perfect with salmon. The miso adds a great umami flavor and adds more nutrition to your meal.

Get the recipe for Miso Rubbed Broccolini

smashed potatoes

These delicious creamy smashed potatoes with butter and chives is a classic side to serve with salmon. The richness compliments the salmon beautifully and who does not love buttery potatoes!

Get the recipe for Butter and Chives Smashed Potatoes

cumin cole slaw

Cumin and lime coleslaw is the perfect lighter option to serve with your salmon. This is not your grandma’s coleslaw recipe. The flavors of cumin, shallots and lime make this a bright fresh and tasty side dish.

Get the recipe for Cumin and Lime Coleslaw

roasted charred broccoli

Charred broccoli with lemon makes the perfect side to salmon and tastes so amazing. Roasting the broccoli until it is charred a bit on the outside and then squeezing some lemon over top makes for such a delicious side.

Get the recipe for Charred Broccoli and Lemon

asian salad

This light Asian flavored salad is loaded with crunch, flavor and so easy to make. You can eat this salad on it’s own or serve it as a side with salmon.

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This really easy side dish is loaded with flavor and nutrients. Make extra of this because it makes great leftovers!

Get the recipe for Roasted Potatoes and Cauliflower with Turmeric and Cumin

turmeric potatoes

These turmeric potatoes are cooked with shallots, a little allspice and turmeric in a chicken stock base until fork tender. These are the perfect side dish to any meal and great to eat on their own!

Get the recipe for Turmeric Potatoes

top view brussels sprouts

These sauteed Brussels sprouts are a classic and this method of cooking them, while simple, yields amazing flavor! We use these as a side for so many meals.

Get the recipe for Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

roasted radicchio salad

This warm radicchio and arugula salad is a great way to prepare radicchio (the purple lettuce) and it is covered in the most amazing warm balsamic vinaigrette! Use the warm vinaigrette as a sauce for your salmon and it will taste amazing!

Get the recipe for Warm Radicchio and Arugula Salad

Spinach and pancetta

It doesn’t get much better than spinach with crispy pancetta! The pancetta and shallots are cooked until crisp before adding the spinach making them so delicious. It is finished off with a little lemon and butter to round out all of the flavors.

Get the recipe for Spinach and Pancetta with Shallots

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