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Pumpkin Cutout Cookies

Pumpkin Cutout Cookies

Don’t these look adorable!

I don’t know about you but I do not usually get excited when it comes to sugar cookie recipes. I feel like they lack something and their only real use is to make cookie shapes for the holidays.  So years ago I began researching cookie recipes that I could try so I had a cookie I liked when I made holiday cookies with the kids.  This is that recipe that I searched so long for and I have been using this recipe for so many years now that it has become a tradition in our home because it is so good!   It comes from Epicurious and there are only a few changes in the recipe since I didn’t want to ruin it 🙂  It can be a tricky dough to work with because it is a little drier than most dough that you roll out but let me tell you it is worth it for the flavor!  Normally, this recipe is brought out at Christmas time and all of our cookies are made with it including an amazing adaptation for the recipe but that is another post 🙂  This year, rather than waiting for Christmas to roll around, we thought let’s use it to make some Halloween cookies and it was as always amazing!   Maybe it’s psychological but the orange color on the cookies made us feel we tasted that orange zest just a little bit more…. ?  I don’t know but it was great!  Give this recipe a try and you will no longer find sugar cookies to be boring, promise!


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