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Five Meals to Make This Week That Aren’t Boring!

Five Meals to Make This Week That Aren’t Boring!
nicoise salad

Salad Nicoise

This salad is loaded with lots of great vegetables and flavor.  Since this salad is mostly assembly, you won’t have to do much to eat your veggies!

Italian minestrone with kale and farro

Kale, Bean and Farro Minestrone

This Minestrone is a classic Italian soup loaded with vegetables, protein and all sorts of goodness.  This is a great make ahead meal where it can be reheated or you can make extra for leftovers or to have for lunch the next day (bonus!).

Asian chicken salad

Asian Chicken Salad

This salad is a snap to make and the flavors from the chicken, vegetables, fruit and dressing are the best!  The creamy Asian dressing might make you an addict!

Vegetable Masala Curry

This all vegetable and chickpea dish is just amazing!  The vegetables get so much of their flavor from caramelizing in the oven then they are coated in this delicious and creamy masala sauce.  If you thought you didn’t like Indian food then this dish will change that!

Korean Sesame Noodles

This dish is serious on flavor thanks to the addition of the gochujang paste added to the broccolini!  You can find this in the International section of your grocery and it is full of great ingredients and flavor.  The broccolini will definitely keep you going strong!

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