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Homemade Apple Almond Scones

Homemade Apple Almond Scones

This week, my son was complaining that he was still hungry after lunch at school and asked if I could pack him some more food (even though his lunch bag is already packed all the way to the top);  I guess he is a growing boy!  So this weekend I decided to make these apple almond scones to send along with him in his lunch.  This comes from my regular scone recipe that I always use but I also had an apple and some slivered almonds left over in the fridge so I thought I would throw those into the recipe as well- they were so yummy!

If you can see in the picture, my daughter likes her scones plain so I made the regular recipe first, took 1/2 of that out and placed it into a scone pan and then added the apples and almonds and filled the remainder of the pan. The things we do for our kids 🙂 For simplicity in this recipe, I used a scone pan (yes there is such thing) and an all-purpose baking mix that I really like.  I learned over the years that the less I have to measure out and do the better the chance of me baking 🙂

Give these a try you won’t regret it!

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